Why Choose Our Courses?

Today Cocoweave is not just known because of the quality content that we deliver and being a premier credentialing training coaching school but for also something more that’s in store for you that you’ll simply love!

Total Lower Cost

Our training programs are offered at offered at the most affordable fee that is almost unbeatable by any coaching school in world

Variety of Programs & Courses

Being in the training, coaching and mentoring industry for more than two decades makes us one of the most premier training institute that offers a variety of deep insightful and robust training programs

Convenience and Flexibility

Cocoweave caters to global clients across all continents. Therefore adding value and impacting lives comes naturally with convenience and flexibility. We offer our programs in all formats: Face to face, Virtual, Blended.. choose the one that fits you the best!

Coaching Specialisations

Whether you choose to be a Life Coach, Personal Coach, Business Coach, Relationship Coach, Career Coach, Wellness Coach, Happiness Coach or a Success Coach.. we’ll help you be one that you resonate most with!

Learning Community

When you enrol with us, we make sure you become a part of our family for a life time. We will not train you for once and leave you high and dry there.. We would invite you to be a part of our learning community that has host of highly intellectual, seasoned, communicative, affable, senior, junior community members that each bring their learning and experiences that benefits everyone

Learning Content

Join us for any training program and you will get immense training, coaching, learning content as manuals, workbooks, tool kits, ready to use templates, e-library membership, reference books, videos, articles… all that you always wished for!

How am I Supported in my Course

When you enrol with Cocoweave, you are being a part of a coaching school that is dedicated to the cause of training students from across the world who are guaranteed with the highest level of support by industry leaders, coaches and mentors whose only passion in life is to train, coach and mentor!


All coaches on our panel are ICF credentialed ACC, PCC and MCC Coaches. Our trainers are globally certified, highly experienced, and passionate individuals who love to train students  on international standards that they love to rave about their alma mater.

Team of Mentors

With us you get dedicated support from our wow team of mentors. On enrolling with us, you immediately have on-call access to our WOW Team, a dedicated full-time team of mentors and professionals to guide you throughout your coaching journey.

Practice Coaching Sessions

Practice Coaching Sessions with your coach. We at Cocoweave well understand the need to put your coaching into practice. Here, you will have a team of coaches to help you identify your coaching goals, how important they are to you and how we can support you to reach your goals.

Building Coaching Clients

Consistent Support to build your Coaching Clients: In case you plan to start your coaching business, we will help you be a part of a large coaching community that will give you an instant access for buulding a huge coaching network. Our students say this is one of their faviourite things!

Quality.. Convenience.. Affordability

We offer Live Interactive Online Specialised Training at the Convenience of your Home and at most Affordable Fee! When you enroll with us, we appreciate your presence, decision and contribution. We promise that you’ll get much more than training and Certification

Library Of Online Resources

You get access to amazing Coaching Books, Tools, Videos, Articles and many other resources.. Accumulated from 18+ years of experience of training, coaching, mentoring and counselling you get immediate access to thousand of resources from anywhere in the world.

What Difference Can I Make?

Our coaches love the fact that they can make an instant difference in people’s life when they practice our proven coaching tools even with little or no Coaching Experience… So Can You!! All we need is your real passion and intent to make positive difference in people’s life.

Certified Co-Creative Coach

When you first decide to become a Coach, we believe that you have already declared the universe that you plan to do something big, purposeful and purely positive. You develop your skills and confidence as a coach when you work with your clients and help them create a lasting and meaningful change… Here’s what you’ll learn to help you make a difference as a Credentialed Practitioner of CO CREATIVE COACHING:







Industry Leading Accredited Life Coaching Courses

Coaching is a mindset, it’s a deep skill that helps you to transit to a level above in your thinking, perceiveing and actions. As a coach you feel the joy of making a living by helping others and making a difference in their lives.









How Is My Success Guaranteed?

Your success as a credentialed co creative coach is guaranteed as you are being trained by one of the best coach training institute of the world. Our mission is to create the Extraordinary You – Be it for your Life, Your Family, Your Career, Business or Whatever matters the most to you!



We promise to give you a unique coaching experience that is real, practical and doable. Your trainings are unconventional, interactive, experiential and of course challenging. We bring playfulness, humour, fitness, dancing and much more to our trainings…


Coaching is not new to us. We almost live, breathe, teach and practice coaching all the time. The quality of our course materials is rich, deep, intense and relatable. Our training material is amassed from our experience of more than 18 years and that too is continually reviewed, updated and improved with the best coaching methodologies, breakthroughs and innovations.


We want you to join our programs confident with the fact that we have not only trained thousands of participants like you , but also because this is what adds value and meaning to our life. So in a way we are selfish, as we love doing more of what gives us sheer joy and satisfaction. All you have to do is apply what we teach you adding your own style and art to it and all that because that’s important to you!

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