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Ms Honey Gudh brings a lot of experiential knowledge for the learner’s. Her sessions are therapeutic and provokes inner work. Transformation seems to be a minuscule word for the experience at cocoweave. Holds calm yet such power in sharing her knowledge for giving the best to her learner’s!

Namrata R Avatar Namrata R
April 19, 2023

Firstly, I must admit that my experience far exceeded my expectations. I joined the programme with no clear notions on my plans of becoming a Life Coach, but after successfully completing the 5 days intensive ICF certified course for Level 1, I was convinced about what I wanted to achieve further. The course was beautifully designed to slowly, but systematically, introduce joinees to the concepts, processes and most importantly help discover one's understanding of one's own self. The faculty headed by Ms Honey Gudh and Mr Amish, was excellent. Their attention to each student and the hand-holding guidance when needed, deserves mention. I am happy, proud and blessed to be part of this process, anchored by CocoWeave and also fortunate to come across such beautiful people in my life. Our group (which we named The Shift), had students from all across the country and after 5 days, we felt like we have acquired another family not just friends. I will surely work towards the next level and I am sure that CocoWeave and its amazing team will be there for me and with me throughout my journey as a Life Coach.

Surajit Mitra Avatar Surajit Mitra
January 6, 2023

In one word, Alchemists. Being there for the course not only imparted immense wisdom but also helped to identify the uniqueness within, which was mind blowing. Thank you Honey Ma'am, Mr. Aamish Dhingra and all the wonderful staffs for the support and guidance. I would recommend Cocoweave to anyone who wish to have a wonderful transformational journey.

Govind C G Avatar Govind C G
January 6, 2023

Wonderful learning platform for ICF coaching. Ms Honey is an amazing trainer and makes sure the active participation of the participants. Cocoweave team is really appreciative and solves your queries on prompt basis. Would recommend it to all .

Isha Seth Avatar Isha Seth
June 13, 2022

Recently completed ACC level with Cocoweave.. it was a good transformation journey. Helped me to focus more on my goals and much clarity with my plan of actions. Thank you Ms. Honey and team for the wonderful support through out. Much recommended to everyone looking for ICF Life Coach Certification.

Geet H Avatar Geet H
July 9, 2022

Wonderful learning platform for coaching. Every material is unique and teaching is too excellent. In these past 5 months, I can see a great change in myself. The trainer is really talented and the whole team is so polite and co- operative. Entire program and it's journey was a informative and memorable one. Thanks to Cocoweave for support and guidance.

Deepi Ravishankar Avatar Deepi Ravishankar
April 9, 2022

Excellent sessions by Honey and 360 degree support by the team. Its been a life transforming journey for me.

aswathy ashok Avatar aswathy ashok
June 13, 2022

It's been an amazing experience pursing my certification from CocoWeave. I extend my gratitude to the entire team for their constant support, guidance and help to accomplish my course. Special thanks to my mentor Ms.Honey for being a pillar of support and kind words of motivation.

Gurjit Kaur Bhatia Avatar Gurjit Kaur Bhatia
July 13, 2022

Recently completed my ACC journey with Cocoweave, a journey that helped me to become more focused towards the goal of my life. Thankful to Honey for her immense efforts she puts in the classes and make this journey beautiful and enjoyable at the same time. Its a long way to go but i guess this program has given an ease to fulfil my dreams..

Aashish Arora Avatar Aashish Arora
July 13, 2022

I am really paying gratitude to Honey & Cocoweave team to give such a wonderful opportunity to explore in Life Coaching. Such a dedicated team, Honey is putting her so much energy to make us understand the concept. They made the sessions very simple and easy to understand with all practical examples, and moreover in class more practical sessions, discussion with all team members is very useful will able to understand various scenarios. I am now confident and happy to be good life coach to Transform peoples life. Thank you cocoweave.

Fathima Jalal Avatar Fathima Jalal
July 13, 2022

Had fantastic experience during my ACC level training, the classes are full of interactions and practical examples. The program has increased my level of insight not only with my clients but within me as well. Truly happy to joined Cocoweave!

Bharat Bhatia Avatar Bharat Bhatia
July 13, 2022

Came across Cocoweave around 5 months back while searching for Life Coach Program.. it was an amazing experience all together.. thorough professional approach towards the training methodology. Loved the way it was conducted.. Honey is a wonderful trainer, full of knowledge and skills.

Rahul Joshi Avatar Rahul Joshi
July 9, 2022

Had an amazing experience with Cocoweave during the Coach Training Program. Loved the way it was conducted with proper interactive panel. Ms. Honey puts her more than 100% during the sessions. would recommend Cocoweave to everyone who is looking for ICF Life Coaching.

Pankaj Chaddha Avatar Pankaj Chaddha
June 9, 2022

The quality of training provided by the Cocoweave is unparalleled to any training institute present. They followed complete ICF curriculum and was present at every strp of way during my coach training sessions.

kshitiz ranchen Avatar kshitiz ranchen
June 13, 2022

ICF Coaching helps us have an insight into the known and the unknowns of our life and life as a whole. It is a must for one to undego this journey to understand what a fulfilled life is and ofcourse the addon perks is you get to be a professional coach and be the light for others. Must explore 👍

Tina Ravindran Avatar Tina Ravindran
December 13, 2022

My experience has been phenomenon. Words can't qualify nor quantify those wisdomful sessions. I have undergone ACC offline training by Honey, she is a charismatic personality & a true epitome of knowledge, skills, emotional behavior & elegance. I am really impressed with the entire team of Cocoweave (Aamish, Megha, Juhi, Sahib, Vinod & all support partners). Their hospitality is matchless. Food & snacks served was very delecious. Overall presentation, training flow, audio system & ambience of the training center is pleasant as well as learning oriented. Best wishes 😊 Regards Tandeep Singh

Tandeep Singh Avatar Tandeep Singh
January 6, 2023

The best experience & true essence of coaching unleashed. Love the positivity, energy & depth with which Honey ma'am empowers us. Thank you Cocoweave.

Renu Goswami Avatar Renu Goswami
January 6, 2023

Amazing place to be for the aspiring Coaches!! Ms. Honey is full of knowledge and experience. The energy she puts in every session is something you can't put in words. The journey was full of experience with practical examples. Thanks to team also for their constant support.

aayush bansal Avatar aayush bansal
July 13, 2022

From day one, they were very upfront and clear about everything they offered. cant imagine anyone better extremely impactful content. I did a lot of research on coaching institutes but after talking to Cocoweave, it became an obvious choice. what impressed me most , is their systematic approach and prompt in responding all the queries. wonderful experience through out the journey.

bhawana sharma Avatar bhawana sharma
August 13, 2022

I joined cocoweave with a bit of reluctantance considering it like any other boasting life coaching program but it thoroughly proved me wrong with all the genuine work of Honey gudh mam n her teaching always making us look forward for more n more... Classes were very much aligned to ICF syllabus n pattern. Thank u Honey mam n Cocoweave team for broadening my perspective horizon, equipping me with coaching skills that can really make this world a bit more better n beautiful.

indira priyadarsini Avatar indira priyadarsini
June 13, 2022

Had a wonderful experience during life coach training program under Ms. Honey's guidance. Thoroughly enjoyed live classes with amazing peers. Team is super cooperative and always prompt to reply. I would recomend Cocoweave Coaching International to everyone who is willing to do ICF Life Coach Training certification.

Preeti Joshi Avatar Preeti Joshi
June 13, 2022

It was a great experience. 5 days went swiftly with the amount of knowledge and experience our sweet and lovely Coach Ms Honey has taken. Everything was taken care with perfection from content to individual attention to clearing doubts. I'd definitely recommend to join this course without any doubt.

jhelum bisht Avatar jhelum bisht
April 26, 2023

Pleasantly surprised with the kind of training I got from Cocoweave!! Every moment of learning was full of experience. Honey is wonderful person and a mentor. She made the journey more beautiful and amazing with knowledge she has. Thank you team Cocoweave for the support and guidance. I recommend it everyone seeking coach training certification.

Reena Arya Avatar Reena Arya
July 9, 2022

My experience has been excellent. Honey's method of teaching us was extremely healing. Each class is similar to a guided meditation session. So composed and calm. The concepts can be learned with little effort. She uses many real-life examples to help the concept sink in. To be honest, I've never found a lecture so captivating. I used to believe that coaching was a dull subject. And I never consider learning. But the way she teaches has altered my entire perspective. All of the classes were fantastic. Thank you for making classes so interesting and exciting, honey. We can discuss any personal issues with her. In any case, I never found her to be judgmental. She has excellent listening skills. Joining ICF life coaching was the best decision I've ever made.

Nilamoni Kalita Avatar Nilamoni Kalita
July 9, 2022

It a very beautiful and quiet different experience for me the learning they provide the environment they prepared for the study is awesome i can feel I’m different person on the last day of my classes. Blessed 😇

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Safiya Naseem Avatar Safiya Naseem
April 17, 2023

It was my privilege to join the ICF-PCC workshop felicitated by Honey mam. The workshop was so amazing and impacted my life via the value system I believe. I had a personal transformation and could also help a few folks I was coaching. The tools and techniques are so useful in our day-to-day life. Introspection through these tools would definitely make a new person. The trainer is so professional and the best you could get. Group and peer coaching sessions were insightful and very useful.

Arjun Majumdar Avatar Arjun Majumdar
July 9, 2022

Had a great experience while my training with Honey and fellow participants...she is great teacher!! Teaches all by her heart.. delighted to be the associated with Cocoweave.

Garima Dua Avatar Garima Dua
July 13, 2022

Cocoweave has given me an amazing platform to explore the core of my passion. Would extend my gratitude to Honey for helping me through out the program and patiently answering all the queries doubts I had.. thanks to the team as well for coordination and support as when required.

Sandeep seth Avatar Sandeep seth
July 13, 2022

Loved the every moment of training with Cocoweave. Truly a life changing experience. Special thanks to Ms. Honey for her tremendous efforts. Also, appreciate the way team coordinated for the practice sessions to help us become an amazing Coach.

Bharat Sharma Avatar Bharat Sharma
June 13, 2022

Its a transformational journey being in life coaching training through cocoweave.. the staff is amazing and super responsive and the trainer honey mam is a blessing in itself, as she doesnt just teach you she helps you grow within those few sessions. its not just the learning its an ‘experience’

Vishakha Chaudhary Avatar Vishakha Chaudhary
December 13, 2022

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