Shobha Swarup (Diversey Inc.) Director HR-Asia Pacific

I’m Shobha Swarup and I work with this company called Diversey International Limited ans I’am an Executive Director for APAC Region, HR. Today I was here for this Leadership development Workshop with Honey and what an awesome trainer she is.. The best part about her training is that she is very sensitive and connected to a subject and most important that she is very genuine in her training approach. She says what she truly believes and you can can feel that she actually walks her talks. So that is what I think is unique about her style. She is vert firm with her concepts. I can see the way she connects with people at different levels and at different layers in the company. So I’m taking back, one a good trainer experience and more importantly, also associating with her for some future programs for the company. Coaching is one very important aspect of senior leadership, which I think she will make a great path and I also think that she is very effective in connecting with mid-level mangers too, so I’m hoping to have some more interventions with Honey.