Foundational Co-Creative Coach Certification

Why Coaching

Picture yourself in a thriving career: helping people transform their lives, their careers, and the world around them. Coaching is a conversation like no other. As a coach, you have immense potential to assist your client from where they are to where they want to be. We understand that your potential clients are seeking your help to improve their lives and thus it is important for you to gain their trust by being a certified life coach.  Our Foundational Co-Creative Coach Certification Program will help you apply coaching into practice by providing you with several life coaching models, tools, techniques, competencies and practice them with your peers and other coaches from our global community. We will support you throughout this learning journey to ensure that you become one of the best life coaches of the world. Make a difference while doing what you love!

Generously with CuriosityExtraordinary rapport with ClientsPowerful QuestionsDeep Trust with Client
UncertaintySelf and Client AwarenessEffectively and DirectlyCoaching Models that Works

  • Help clients to set Clear Goals
  • Identify what is important in client’s life and business
  • Overcome Procrastination
  • Eliminate fear and self-doubt
  • Embrace Uncertainity
  • Ensure a sense of well-being
  • Gain tools to turn challenges around

We ensure that our Foundational Training Program is Comprehensive, Personalized and Supportive. The program comprises of 30 hours of class room training, followed by live coaching practice with known and unknown clients. During the course of this training  program, participants will work  closely on their  individual challenges and what’s holding them back. Once initiated, our students put their coaching skills into practice for organizations and communities that they are part of.  Classes are generally conducted both on weekdays and weekends depending on the available slot and student’s preference. For In-company programs the days can be as per the client convenience.

Our training curriculum is based on international standards of ICF-International Coach Federation. Students are first introduced to fundamentals of coaching through our preliminary courses based on coaching ethics and competencies. Thereafter, students gradually work through deeper coaching competencies like trust, goal setting, creating awareness, accountability, coaching presence by working on their communication, listening and questioning skills. Our idea is to ensure that you are first introduced and trained on each coaching competencies and then you get an opportunity to put your learnings into practice and understand the finer nuances of coaching.

  • Essentials of  Coaching
  • Coaching as  Career
  • Personal Coaching
  • Coaching Theories
  • Coaching Models
  • Learning From Masters
  • Coaching Process and Structure

What more can I expect through my Foundational Co-Creative Coach Training Program?

  • Acquire, Accomplish and Implement Coaching Skills
  • Coaching as a special tool for self awareness
  • ICF Competencies
  • Whole Person Transformation
  • Supportive Learning Community
  • Deep Healing & Heart Connection
  • Self-Discovery & Social Change
  • Live Coaching Sessions
  • Interactive weekly sessions
  • Diversity & Cultural Awareness
  • PCC Credentialed Coaches as Trainers

When people enquire us that can anyone be a Life Coach? Our answer is simple. Yes, anyone can be a life coach. But, to be a great life coach, you must develop the skills necessary to effectively work with clients such as active listening, powerful questioning, and the ability to decipher nonverbal communication. Before you think of being a life coach, you need to identify the essential requirements of being a coach. The primary job of a life coach is to motivate and encourage people to reach their full potential. Although there is no specific eligibility criteria or an essential degree program that you need to complete to become a life coach, acquiring training in certain fields can prepare you better for the job. Our Foundational Training Program is best suited for those, who…

  • Intend to make a transformation within yourself..
  • Visionary Leaders, Business Heads, Manager, Director and are serious about supporting personal and organizational transformations
  • HR Heads, HR Manager, HR Specialist, Training Manager, L&D Professional and intend to create coaching culture within the organisation. 
  • Trainer, Consultant, Mentor and now want to add to your credentials. 
  • Doctor, Therapists, Psychologists, Health Practitioner
  • Want to become a Professional Credentialed Coach.

“People from all walks of life have immensely benefitted from the skills of a Professional Life Coach”

Dedicated classroom hoursFlexible learning options through In-Person and Blended Learning programsOne-on-one peer coaching
Live Coaching SessionsMentor Coaching SessionsIndividual and group mentoring
Regular Peer CoachingOne on One Coaching SessionsUnlimited access to a resource-rich online classroom
Part of a coaching community for lifeGroup Coaching SessionsPractice Coaching sessions
Business development curriculum so you attract clients before you graduateTele-classes and online discussions about many coaching specialtiesConstant Support every time
Explore your needs and valuesIndividualised skill development with rigorous feedbackAssessment Tools
Experience The MomentHome Assignments
Expanding the ViewOral and Written Assessments
Envisioning The FutureMaking Transformation Possible