Cocoweave is a Leadership Development Organisation dedicated to the cause of enhancing human potential through a transformational Training, Coaching and Mentoring process.

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The Corporate Learning Solutions, provided by COCOWEAVE are a suite of best-in-class Leadership training processes that enable our clients to reduce costs, sharpen their business focus and obtain quantifiable results. Our focused experience in Training, Coaching and Mentoring Services makes us a preferred services partner for large, medium and small enterprises.

Our customised learning solutions bring proven best practices into business processes and redirect surplus training capital into core business solutions. From the very first interaction, we have with our clients till they see quantifiable results, our journey is progressive, focused and forward looking, which is deeply appreciated and acknowledged by our clients. 

Since our services are diversified in three verticals of training, coaching and mentoring, we leave the choice either to put clients to choose their preference or if required, we are happy to suggest the best intervention that suits your requirements.

leadership development program

Training Interventions

Our Leaders Programme training interventions begin with identifying the client’s learning needs, customising the training content and approach, Preparing learning content, Identifying and implementing Learning delivery, Learning Technology, Learning Administration, Post Training Assessments and providing robust support system throughout makes us unique and special to our clients.

When it comes to creating a coaching culture in an organization, we conduct individual as well as group coachig sessions wherein the coach shall partner with the client in a thought provoking and a creative process, thereby enhancing their personal and professional potential. Our Mentoring works well when you need experienced experts to hand-hold, guide and counsel your newly joined workforce.

Our Story

We are a living entity and like all living beings, we too have a story. Well, the idea of getting into education, training, coaching, mentoring and everything else started from the quest from spirituality disguised as not being happy with the status quo. Since childhood, being nourished with the values of humanity, service and consciousness there was something beyond survival, security and social needs.

Our founder, Ms. Honey Gudh who is a devoted believer of finding goodness in others soon realized the corporate world to be extremely paying yet devoid of happiness, peace and satisfaction. With this realization she started with her sole journey of connecting work with spirituality. Today, we have a strong, committed and a highly passionate team of people who come from various walks of life, taking care of different aspects of work but all leading to the common goal of,

“Adding values.. impacting lives!”

Our Team

We are fortunate to have a team who are strong followers of simple living and high thinking. Yes, to an extent we make this work by employing and engaging people not on their knowledge and skills alone but more predominantly on their values, ethics and morality in life. We are more attracted to people who are more of spiritual seekers than worldly seekers. This makes our goals and principles common, with complete respect for diversity of thoughts, religion, background, geography and everything else.

Our team of directors includes young individuals who are extremely talented, vibrant, intelligent on one hand and seasoned, wise and highly knowledgeable directors on the other hand. Each team member on board with us at Cocoweave is unique, special, talented, industrious and highly contributing. This unique blend in the entire organisation is seamlessly knitted through the common thread of consciousness, trust and common goodness. This is what makes us an organisation that our clients, participants and people love to fall in love with!!

Our Experience

We at Cocoweave are truly inspired to share that we have trained coached and mentored more than 35k + participants so far at different levels with different backgrounds and walks of life. At Cocoweave we customize the training contents for most of the organizations who plan to take in-house services for larger audiences.

Beside this we also do some exclusive open training workshops like, Leadership Training Programs, Leadership Coaching & Training Programs, Executive Development Program (EDP), Transformational Leadership Training programs, Life Coaching Workshops, Life Coach Training CertificationsTrain The Trainer Program (TTT),

Also offers Facilitation Skills Training Program, Host of Employee Development Programs, Campus to Corporate-Induction Training, etc. with few of the Premier IT, Financial, Education, Telecom, Manufacturing, Aviation, Banking, Retail, Finance, Service, Oil, Cement, Automobiles, Paper, Research, Retail, FMCG, Embassies, Medical, Research, Textiles, and many such industries and several other international conglomerates Corporate Clients.

Our Training Facility

It’s beautifully and uniquely designed stand-alone building in the heart of the Capital with an environment and culture that is deeply complemented by each participant as highly welcoming, warm, positive and energetic. Each corner of the building is designed taking into consideration everything that supports, enhance and reinforce the training, learning experience in true sense of the term.

Competency Building

We at COCOWEAVE work progressively towards Competency Building wherein we focus on building skills like teamwork, leadership, excellence in performance, spirituality in work and self -development. We are Credentialed and Certified team of Coaches, Mentors and Trainers from one of the highest International Certification Body: ICF, USA.

We believe that every individual has inherent bountiful potential that when unleashed can bring remarkable changes in their own lives as well as the lives of others that they come in contact with. Our experience and testimonials stand a test to the fact that participants who are part of our program not only become more engaged and committed, but also find new meaning, strength and purpose to their life. “Our values define who we really are..”

What We Do

We help people to know what they want and then put all their energies in living life to their fullest potential… we work towards their positive transformational journey! We Coach. Mentor. Train.

Why We Do

Because we love it. We are simply passionate about it. Work work adds meaning, depth and contentment to our life.

How We Do

By being flexible, committed and truly dedicated to our clients. We provide customized Learning Solutions that includes providing Learning Content, Delivery, Technology and Administrative Solutions, Open training workshops, on-site Training programs, Life Coaching Sessions, Executive Coaching Sessions, Creating a Coaching Culture, Building Coaches and Mentoring services.

Who Does It

Highly passionate, committed and experienced individuals who lead our learning academy from varied backgrounds who work on one common principle of “Awakening To Our True Purpose”.

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