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21st September'21 - 4th January'22
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Join us for this 16-week, online interactive ICF Approved Life Coach Certification Program to help you develop a coach’s mindset so that you can help your clients to set their goals, accelerate their development and in the process you set your coaching practice as a highly successful Life Coach. You will learn the skillset to become an empowered coach who is co-creative, competent and confident

Our Life Coach Training Program teaches you to become a highly successful coach for life, both for self and your clients. Starting from the fundamentals of coaching, you’ll gradually explore the coaching competencies, mindful coaching, coaching from inside out approach, creating clients and finally starting your coaching practice, that couldn’t be more important than in today’s world scenario.


Know all about Life Coaching and get the direction and support you need to accelerate your coaching journey.


Embarking on your successful coaching journey will increase both your work performance and personal satisfaction.


Deep engagement in your coaching journey will help you achieve your goals and successfully execute organisation’s initiatives.


Being a life coach helps you to achieve goals, solve problems, address challenges and emerge as an evolved being.

How You Benefit

Our Life Coaching programme has been developed in such a manner that will help you assess the pace of your ongoing development. It will surely make you feel more positive and upbeat once you’ll be identifying and working towards the areas which will need deeper attention of yours.

This Life Coaching program will help you bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be. Our program will help you to probe yourself into new spheres of life and find out alternative solutions all by yourself!

This program will help you probe and figure out the long and short term goals and how they can be achieved, while you keep your core values aligned with them!

Our team schedules the life coaching practice sessions with the peers at your time of convenience! Our priority is to make you the most sought after life coach and hence we strongly believe in only giving you Quality! We also pledge to assist you to make you the best version of yourself!

Our program works on you to get that balance which you have been longing for years now. We want you to gain complete confidence, clarity and have a clear vision so that you can work wholeheartedly to achieve the Goals!

This program makes you to introspect and ponder upon your various spheres of life. We prioritise that you understand your inner-self and accomplish the mountainous goals of your life! Ultimately, life coaching allows you to maximize your potential in any or all areas of life.


Your Learning Journey

Your transformation happens in an interactive collaborative moderated class that takes place over sixteen weeks for ACC Level Training (60 ACSTH) and thirty two weeks for PCC level Training (125-ACSTH). Your life coach training certification journey is blended with discussions, exercises, reflection, observations, practice coaching sessions and offline assignments that’ll help you discover what you need to succeed. You’ll also have an excellent platform to network with your fellow learners and forge new connections. As an add on you’ll receive the following tools when you take the class:

The approximate time required to complete ACC Level Training is 4 months and for PCC level Training is 8 months. Each week you’ll spend at least two hours attending our ICF credentialed coach trainers classes, led by coaching industry experts and another two hours in practice coaching sessions and completing coursework and activities. The training events are scheduled at global friendly time slots both on weekdays and weekends, so one is sure to fit your schedule. With the add on of additional practice coaching sessions along with the globally accredited coach training certifications will help you to launch yourself as a competent and a confident coach.


Listen to What our Students have to Share about their Learning Journey with us !

“My Life revolves around students” Honey Gudh

An Experience of its kind ! Building Coaches who guide people creating a life filled with incredible abundance and happiness.

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Program Details

Module 1: Foundations of Coaching

The experience begins. You will meet your peers and your support team, get introduced to the mindset and skills of a coach. You’ll also get an opportunity to complete a self-assessment roadmap to understand your own perceptions and start challenging your own assumed constraints. You not only explore the what, why and how of coaching but also get an access to gain clarity on when coaching works.

Module 2: Coaching Process & Structure

Give a systematised direction and flow to your coaching sessions. Identify the process and the structure that helps you to launch yourself as a professional coach. Focus on setting clear and compelling goals. Learn how to craft smart, motivating, attainable, relevant and trackable goals. You’ll also learn how to help your client to reframe and clarify poor goal statements towards more positive and doable action based goals.

Module 3: Building Coaching Competencies

Learn the art and science of coaching in practice. You’ll identify how to put the ICF based coaching competencies in practice with your clients. Discover how to diagnose your own development level on a goal or task. Dive into development levels and get access to an interactive learning platform to help you diagnose on the fly.

Module 4: Practicing Professional Coaching

Identifying and working on your mindset and skillset as a professional coach also helps you to overcome the physical, emotional, behavioural and environmental barriers in coaching. Learn how to identify and activate your points of power. Share the results from your one on one conversation with your peers and clients and create an action plan for committing to the mindset and skillset of a successful coach.

Module 5: Setting you Coaching Practice

Learn matching: matching your learning with your professional practice of your skillset with your clients, in a niche that works best for you. Explore the next critical mindset: being proactive, what it looks like in practice, and why it’s important. Marketing and growing your coaching practice.

Upgradation Route
After this 16 – week, learning journey for ACC Level Training (60 ACSTH), you can continue your PCC Level Training (125 ACSTH) journey by adding on 4 months of Leadership, NLP, EI and Mindfulness Coaching via virtual interactive sessions with our expert facilitator coaches and unlimited confidential communications to further reinforce your learnings, define your goals, get expert feedback, and refine your detailed accountability plan!


The virtual classroom begins with pre-workshop activities followed by 16 weeks (ACC Level Training)  and/or 32 weeks (PCC Level Training), Two hour virtual sessions spread out over a period of few months. The live virtual sessions include compelling visuals and materials, engaging videos, and proven learning activities.

Learning Objectives


21st September – 4th January (Weekday Batch) 7PM-9PM IST

Synchronous Session Timings : As per Batch
Asynchronous Session Timings: As per convenience

Who Should Attend

Trainers, Consultants, Psycologists, Doctors, NLP Practitioners, Human Resource Managers, L&D Heads, Writers, Teachers, CEOs, Directors, Entrepreneurs, Women planning to return from Sabbaticals, Anyone who is passionate for self development and wants to start practising as a professional coach!

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