Thriving During Crisis

Thriving During Crisis

As the saying goes when the going gets tough, the tough get going!! Yes currently the times are tough. The world is fighting with coronavirus and the situation seems getting from bad to worst. 

There is no country that is practically missed from this pandemic. It’s has been one of the worst nightmare becoming true when the worst that can happen is that you cant’s get to touch, love or hug your loved ones, your friends, forget about anyone else. It’s so tragic and heart touching to see and hear that choices are being made between the patients suffering from corona virus disease that practically who can be saved and who needs to let go. Our heart reaches out when we hear or see in television that one of the family member is dying and the other members of the family can’t even hold him/her and bid a final adieu. Streets are empty, malls are closed, children are at home, businesses are closed and friends are far away..  No wonder we are insecure, uncertain, anxious and disturbed. Question is what next?

Herein, it’s important to first be honest and face the brutal reality that we all are currently in. So, simply shunning it off and dusting it by saying that “I’m strong, my immunity is great and I don’t care for all this” attitude needs a change. Before we step towards the solution, it’s important to first identify the problem. Being aware, updated and alert are the best protection tools. So let’s read more to find that once we have identified the problem and then how do we deal with it? And as the title of the blog says, thriving in crisis, so let’s explore more about it.

Be Protective:

First thing first, so before any thing else that can ever be thought of, the first and the foremost thing that needs to be done is being protective of yourself and your family. As a literate reader, I would like you to take all precautions while you are at home as well as when you go out. Regularly washing hands with soap and flowing water, deeply washing the foods, fruits, vegetables or anything that you get from out, including the groceries and the milk, etc becomes a must. When stepping out only when necessary, urges and important, then wearing mask, gloves, sanitising, maintaining social distance, etc.. all that you might be following needs to be a part of your life with not even a single time miss is an absolute must. This is essential for your survival. Take the best precautions that you can. The more you love and care for your family and yourself, the more precautions, you need to take. Trust, you get the point!

Social Distancing is not Emotional Distancing: 

You read it right. Yes, we need to maintain adequate social distance with all, including our loved ones, but that doesn’t stop us from reaching out to them through technology, which is superiorly advance at this point of time. In fact you have all the time in the world to connect with them through video conferencing, Skype calls, Watsapp calls and loads of other options are there. If you ever feel low, lonely or depressed, simply connect with them over the phone, share your heart out, express your deeper feelings and let them know how you feel. If you want you can always connect with a professional too like a psychologist, life coach, personal coach or a simply human coach. They will be your best support system. You will find that by the end of your call you have much better clarity, control of emotions and a sense of calmness enveloping you. 


Personally, I find that there is one best way which works amidst most daunting, demanding and deluding life situations is the power of meditation. It is so powerful, enigmatic and relaxing that can best be realised only when you experience it yourself. When you sit in a meditative posture, you instantly feel the power, then when you put your breaths in control through deep breathing, then focus your attention and finally when you observe your thoughts and let them go.. it’s an amazing feel. By the time you are done with your meditative practice, you not only feel rejuvenated, focussed and calm but also at peace and complete ease. All the stress seems to evade of. This is super delightful.. However this can only be experienced by you. You cannot realise just someone letting you know. You need to practice it to experience it. 

Developing a Skill:

Life has been really full of rush and hush. We hardly, ever used to get time to do something that we deeply wanted but never had the time to do. So now is the time to work on your deeper desires to develop yourself. How about going for an extra certification that you always wanted but always delayed because of paucity of time, but deep in your heart you knew that this training, this certification .. can do an amazing value addition to me. How about wring a book, being a blogger or even great being a vlogger? Develop your content, create your podcast. Do something that would make you feel proud of yourself.

Eating Healthy:

So we know that getting bored or stressed would create an innate desire to binge on junk food, eating unhealthy snacks, prefer fried foods, chocolates, cookies and the list is endless. Now this may give you a short trip of pleasure but that slugged your metabolism rate, drops your energy levels and makes you feel lethargic, and worst of course the guilt of eating such food and gaining weight.. That’s not the worth it, isn’t it? How about if you make a mindful choice of eating healthy food, light snacks, light dinner and happy eating. This would help you to detox your body, feel light, strengthened and energetic. of course with the overall benefit of healthy body and a glowing face.

Be grateful and Appreciative:

This is my last but not the least tip, but one of the most powerful one. It’s time for you to look around and thank Almighty to keeping you and your family safe and secure. You have a beautiful house with a roof to feel safe and secure. You have your friends and relatives who are just a call away. You have a great support system. See how best can you contribute towards the betterment of humanity and your fellow beings. This will help you to strengthen your mind and remain positive. 

As the wise sage says, “This too shall pass…” I end my thoughts with a note that these tough times too will pass. It will end and hopefully very soon. The world waits for that hopeful bright lively morning when we get to know that yes, the vaccine has arrived and you are all set to go free. But then this time when we step out, we need to be more mindful and grateful for the freedom that the Lord has showered us with, that we had never acknowledged in the past. Even in the hardest way, if we have learnt this lesson.. it’s worth remember till the last day of our life and making our generations too, sensitive towards it. 


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