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Role of a Life Coach

It is interesting to explore that today when the friends can be made at a click of a button, relationships can be built over a cup of coffee, thousand likes can come in an instant

and you have the tools to create millions of followers in a go, when where does the need for coaches come? Meaning with no dearth of friends, relatives, advisers that add to the additional list of psychologists, therapists, consultants, counsellors and specialist…

Why is there a need for A Life Coach?

Coach Challenges your Limiting Beliefs

Why is that when the means and modes of expressing our thoughts and feelings are increasing yet the demand for hiring, retaining and recruiting coaches is increasing? What explains this paradox? Is it that a coach does something that others don’t seem to do or precisely the coach does not do anything but facilitates the process wherein the coachee does all that he wants to do but has either never thought of doing or creates a false belief that it can’t be done. Whatever, be the cause, coach challenges his beliefs, supports him in his cause, help him to explore what he wants, acts as his mirror and creates a sense of self-accountability.

Coach helps you to achieve what you want

Nevertheless beyond external goals, the coach also helps the coachee to achieve his internal goals. For example, even when the person has best possible or required worldly pleasures, yet he may not be happy and/or satisfied. He may have it all yet feel empty and if not completely empty yet there might exist a feeling of void which he is not able to overcome. And this may be something that none of his existing list of friends, relatives, doctors, psychologists, counselors or therapists are able to help him. So what does he do? The coachee turns to a coach. Why? On deeper contemplation I found an interesting revelation that I could well connect to, based on my personal and professional experience with my clients. We humans are lonely souls covered with many layers of worldly diverse and dynamic relationships. We do flow in the moments, situations and people, yet there exists a deep yearning to connect with our inner self to derive peace and connection between the inner and the outer self. I believe a coach just does that. The coach helps us to get connected with our real self and carve out our own journey that is unique and authentic. The role of coach is such that he provides a kind of support distinct from any other. A coach will focus solely on an individual’s situation with the kind of attention and commitment that the individual will rarely experience elsewhere. Coaching is a platform, where this happens.

You and your goals are Coach’s priority

If you imagine yourself being coached, you will perhaps appreciate why so many people engage the services of a coach. Your coach, will listen to you, with a curiosity to understand who you are, what you think and generally how you experience the world. Your coach will reflect back to you, with the kind of objective view that creates real clarity. During conversations, your coach will encourage you to rise to challenges, overcome obstacles and move into action. What’s most important during that conversation is you, your success, happiness and
ultimate fulfilment. Having worked to establish exactly what you want to achieve from
coaching, those goals and objectives become
the focus for the conversation. As a consequence, the only agenda happening in the conversation is your agenda, which your coach will often guard more closely than you do. When you’re ready to quit, no longer care that you want to get that promotion, get better at something, or change your lifestyle, your coach stays committed to those goals.

Coach is your Support System

When things don’t go well, your coach supports you. When you experience success, your coach celebrates your achievements. Your coach will also help you to pinpoint exactly what you did that worked so well, so that you can do it again. A coaching relationship is like no other, simply because of its combination of objective detachment and commitment to the goals of the individual. Little wonder then that so many people are finding that coaching relationships can help them develop and learn in ways that enable them to have or achieve what they really want. This and more makes a coach so special for coachee.

Coach and Coaching

To the best of my understanding the most recognized forms of coaching come from the sporting world. Having evolved over thousands of years, the figure of a sports coach working alongside top athletes is accepted without question. There may seem to be a contradiction in having someone who can’t do what you can do, as well as you can do it, to help you to improve. Roger Federer’s coach can’t play tennis like Federer does and yet he plays a vital role in improving Federer’s game. So why does Federer get help from a lesser player? The reason is quite simple: because coaching is proven to work. It improves the results an individual is creating. A tennis coach needs coaching skills more than they need to be a good tennis player themselves. By applying principles of observation and feedback, sports coaches can make the difference between a world-beater and an also-ran. Strangely, where someone has all the skills needed to produce a result themselves, they can’t always help someone else to do it. For example, a world-class tennis player might have real difficulty in coaching someone else to the same standard. This is because the perspectives and skills of a coach are essentially different from those of a tennis player. If a tennis player wants to become a great coach, they must begin to focus on developing coaching behaviours and skills. It’s not enough to be able to ‘do’ – you have to be able to coach.

Coaching is both unique and special. Today the world needs life coaches. Coaching is not restricted to sports only. Life Coaching is meant for people who are wholesome, complete, successful, struck somewhere and want to find the way out. Esentially it is meant for all but non clinical population. To become a great life coach, your journey starts with the first step of undergoing life coch training workshop. A program that can help you to enhance the skills that you already have. But life coaching comes with inherent passion. It can be pursued by all yet meant for only those who are really passionate about helping others achieve what they (coachee) want to achieve. This is not any ordinary requirement. Needs lot of self introspection.. Coach training also comes with international certification, through a body called as International Coach Federation. Fortunately, there are such life coach training workshops being held in Delhi. One that is quite familiar is offered by Cocoweave Work Café Pvt. Ltd. This life coach training program helps individuals to get ICF Certified training to be a credentialed life coach.  Life coach training workshops can be truly transformational for people who are really willing to make world a better place to be in.


Would you like to work on your Self Developmental Skills and make difference to the world?

In case you intend to enhance your self development skills, I invite you to join our Life Coaching Training Program at ACC level and PCC level.

This training program is ICF approved and offers 154+ hours of approved coach specific training hours, peer practice coaching, observed coaching and mentor coaching hours and has many exclusive offerings for participants.

New Batches are commencing from

  • 22nd March’2023 Online Interactive ICF Level-1 Training (ACC Level)
  • 29th March’ 2023 Online Interactive ICF level-1 Training (ACC Level)
  • 27th-31st March’2023 (Face to Face PCC Level-2 Training Program)

 offer trainings both at ACC Level and PCC level that are largely based on PURPOSE Model of Coaching that works truly students to make Transformational Leaps by tapping on their true potential both at Personal and Professional levels.

I have been in this space of learning, training, mentoring and coaching for a long time, (since 2001) and have served many international conglomerates, with resounding success, learning and growing with every experience! I share incredible coaching tools and exercises, intensive coaching library, self-assessment dashboards and toolkit to accelerate your understanding of ICF coaching competencies at each level of ACC and PCC.

I offer trainings on core coaching competencies relating each with real life examples derived from your life, creating opportunities to learn and grow with every moment that we interact. You get an opportunity to put your learnings to practice through extensive practice coaching sessions with your peers and clients and continuous observations to improvise your learnings.

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Role of a Life Coach

It is interesting to explore that today when the friends can be made at a click of a button, relationships

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