Top five Questions to ask yourself if you are a Trainer

Top five Questions to ask yourself if you are a Trainer

Teaching is one of the noble profession of the world. Here you get an opportunity to first upgrade yourself at a level that is superior to others and then share your knowledge and learning with others

Who further act as a catalyst in making difference to the life of others that they come in contact with. So it’s like a chain reaction. With one burning matchsticks of knowledge, you have the potential to light the minds of innumerable masses. You can help people to dispel from the darkness of knowledge to experience the light of hearts and minds. One teacher has the potential to teach many and bring a difference to their life and world. But then the question arises, what makes a difference between a teacher and a book? Like a teacher, the book has the potential to ignite the minds of many. Anyone who reads the book can gather all that knowledge and information that the book contains. It too has the potential to raise the standards of knowledge, information and standards of an individual. It can show the path or enlighten the reader. But here the first catch is that it has to be a ‘reader’. So a book can benefit someone only who can read or write, it cannot do any good to someone who has yet to learn the art and science of reading and writing. Secondly, the book has a limit of pages and content that it contains, a teacher does not have that limitation. And yes, if the teacher rises to the level of guru, it simply dispels the darkness. The darkness of mind, heart and soul. It can be a culmination of innumerable books that makes one guru. The teacher can speak and connect with the learner in a language that best suits their needs. Book at a time can be read by one, a teacher can impart learnings to masses in one go. So yes, although both the book and the trainer have the potential to add knowledge and wisdom to the learner, it is the guru, who supersedes in many unique ways.

Having said that the pertinent question that needs to be answered is are you a teacher or a book? Are you someone who makes an effort to reach out to people or someone who has accumulated loads of knowledge and now expecting people to read and learn on their own? With these, thoughts, let us ask ourselves as Trainers, few questions:

Question 1: Am I a Trainer by Compulsion by Chance or by Choice?

So how did you choose to become a trainer? Was it because you wanted to evade your sales or target oriented job, or because you wanted to freeze yourself for a fixed nine to five job? Was it because you did not have many choices other than to become a trainer? Was it a family trend or because you had an inherent passion to be a trainer and make a difference to people’s life from the very beginning? Does the thought of standing in front of few or masses and speaking on varied topics and dealing with great thoughts get an adrenaline rush in your heart? Do you get excited when someone approaches you with a query that you may not have an answer but gracefully accept and then explore deeper into it to find its meaning? Go back and let the learner know a complete truth. Well, if you are a trainer by choice, you are in the right field but in case you have been by force or by chance, its time to rethink. Because, training if not pursued with passion, becomes boring, monotonous, tiring and frustrating over a period of time. So check your passion to become a trainer.

Question 2: Do you understand the finer nuances of training?

Training is not about having a fixed degree or a set qualification that qualifies us to become a trainer. Just by clearing a few exams, we may not become one of the finest trainers that we may be so passionate about. In order to qualify as being an excellent trainer, you also need to understand the finer nuances of training that may be subtle but can make a whole lot of difference to your training quality. Here you need to check your teaching methodology, your systematic approach to training, your instructional designing part, how well have you crafted the pre and post training assessments for your participants, what contents are you planning to cover in the training and how would you make your training more interesting and robust? This is where you can mark yourself different from being just a trainer to being the most sought after trainer.

Question 3: Have you been formally trained to become a trainer?

So here it’s important to question yourself that have you worked as a trainer all on your own or you have been formally or systematically trained to become a trainer. Here, I believe that although this is not an essentiality to undergo some formal mode of training in order to become a trainer. Research suggests that undergoing through a structured training program as Train The Trainer Certification Program, can, however, add wonders to your passion of being an excellent trainer. By undergoing a structured and a systematic process of training, your job as a trainer becomes comparatively easy as you get to learn the finer nuances of training that we discussed above. It somehow provides some essential tips and tricks to learning and training that can help you to become one of the most sought after trainer in the world.

Question 4: Are you a trainer who shares or book that is offered to be read?

Yes, here its crucial for you to ask what are you someone who has accumulated a lot of knowledge and information and preserved it within yourself, or you exceptionally make an effort to connect with people and help them to learn and grow? Have you googled and researched innumerable facts and figures just to keep it to yourself or do you make an earnest effort to relate the same with the practical world? Is your knowledge just theoretical or have you made the efforts to make it more relatable with examples and case studies? How much of your personal experience have you shared in your training? Are you benevolent to share your learnings, experiences and knowledge with your fellow participants? If you answer yes to most of the questions, yes you are on the path to be an excellent trainer.

Question 5. How far do you see pursuing this profession?

Training requires passion on what side but also perseverance and consistency on the other side. In order to be an exceptional trainer, you need to follow the 3 P’s of Passion, Preparation and Presentation. Without passion, there is no point even to start this as a career, without preparation, you cannot claim yourself as a trainer and without effective presentation, your training becomes a waste. But this is something that requires a relentless effort and commitment from your side. Else very soon the job of a trainer becomes boring, monotonous, tiring and exasperated. Training is the only profession where you get to align people’s thinking that too when you get your participants with varied backgrounds from different walks of life and with different mindsets. This is where training becomes both challenging yet interesting. When you take training as something that you have to repeat with varied participants over a period of time, it sounds pretty repetitive and boring. But at the same time, when you consider training as dealing with dynamics of varied participants, with varied mindsets and varied backgrounds, it can become highly interesting and engaging. But this needs patience and persistence. Training cannot be meant as a short term gain. It has to be seen as long term goal with consistent efforts, energy and passion.

Making some deeper explorations help us to understand our own profession of being a Trainer. Training, I believe is not something that we ought to choose a hobby or as a part time profession, but something that involves impacting people’s life by influencing their minds and hearts. The profession must be chosen with utmost thought and care.  As it is rightly said, “The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body and polish the spirit.”