Why Do Trainers Need Training?

Are you already a trainer or planning to be one? What do you think are the essentials of being an excellent trainer? How competent do you feel for yourself on those skills?

Many times it has been observed that people become trainers by compulsion than by choice. If you have been a performer at work, it is presumed that you shall also be a trainer to teach others the same skillsets without first assessing if you would be open to sharing your knowledge, insights and experiences. The net results is that participants getting incomplete knowledge and information, which is actually worse than having no information in the first place. There is also a possibility wherein you would love to share your knowledge and experiences with the participants, but fail to understand the structure and the process of training. So you land up imparting training that you believe is important to you, but without realising that how relevantly the same can be applied by the participants into their real work environment. The end result again being waste of time, efforts, money and man-hours. Finally, there can also be a possibility wherein training are imparted at a grander level, yet there are no followups or evaluation techniques to ensure how well the same is assimilated by the participants.

How well participants are able to put their learnings to practice. This all puts us to think the importance of Training to Trainers. Yes, the trainers definitely need training for several reasons. Let’s explore a few of them.

1. To Equip Trainers With Right Skills:

If the Trainer is not able to deliver the course effectively, it is not the trainer to be blamed at the first place. What needs to be checked is if the trainer has been equipped with the right skills to deliver a well managed training session. It is often assumed that anyone who can perform a task well at a job can be asked to train their colleagues and they would be apt at that. However, it does not work like that. In order to be an excellent trainer, the trainer must be equipped not only with the right skills but also with in-depth knowledge, requisite aptitude and a positive attitude towards the task.

2. To Adopt Systematic Approach To Training:

Training cannot be imparted in a haphazard manner, wherein the trainer selects and collects the information in bits and parts, puts it together and present to the participants to absorb and practice. On the contrary, the Trainer has to understand the need and purpose of training in the first place. Then has to design the sequence of training in such a way that there is a progressive learning that helps the participants to connect and correlate with the content being presented, with a common thread of context based learning that seeps in the entire curriculum. Meaning, the participants are able to co-relate the whole with the sub-parts that are being presented.

3. To Imbibe Latest Techniques in Training:

Training, when continued for a long period of time, over the same subjects and contents, tend to become boring, monotonous and ineffective. Trainers also tend to take training for granted and lose the passion and preparedness of training sessions. Trainers may continue with the old techniques of training but the participants would keep changing and evolving over a period of time. This would make the training completely outdated and backward. Herein it becomes important for trainers to keep themselves updated with the latest techniques in training. Training cannot be just lecture-based training. It only works in formats wherein participants do not have their own experiences and are just accumulating all the information that is being delivered. But in the real practical world, especially in behavioural training, experiential modes of learning’s work, wherein adults get a chance to experience, reflect, absorb and apply their learnings. Different training techniques as group discussions, case studies, role plays, learning through stories, adding humour, quizzes, brain teasers etc. can be added to training to make it more interesting and involving by the participants.

4. To Build Confidence and Improve Body Language:

Training along with preparation is also a precise work of presentation. Without effective presentation, even the best of training become ineffective. Imagine a trainer with impressive knowledge and information but poor with delivery and presentation can put most of the participants to sleep. Trainer with a confident approach and right body language can not only create interest and curiosity in participants but can also make the learning, understanding and assimilate with the participants more natural and obvious.

5. To Gain Feedback for Feedforward:

Training without regular feedbacks are not only devoid of improvements but also ineffective. Even the most experienced trainers need to keep themselves abreast with timely feedbacks that practically helps them to feed forward and make relevant changes in their delivery methodologies. Trainers get an opportunity to see their mirror and make the necessary improvements. This would help them to work even on the finer nuances of their training programs and thereby being the most effective and sought after trainers in the industry.

Undergoing a Train The Trainer Certification Program, therefore, becomes obvious and a necessary choice for anyone who has either been a trainer for long or plans to be the one. Fortunately, there are few specialized organizations that provide Train The Trainer Certification Program in East Delhi and NCR that helps to imbibe training as well as coaching skills to their participants during the course of training.

Written By: Honey Gudh


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