Morning Bliss of a Coach

Morning Bliss of a Coach

How do you say Good Morning to yourself Coach? Do you press the snooze button couple of times before you actually get up with sheer frustration and boredom.

Then when you get up, you realize that you are already running late for work, or the time between your coaching appointment and you getting ready is just few minutes, whatever the reality, you hurriedly take a shower, get ready, grab a quick cup of coffee and if possible get something to eat or maybe pick something on the way to work. By the time you sit for work, you feel exhausted, slackened and easily distracted. Does that sound familiar to you? If it does, it’s time to check your morning routine.

As a coach you have been consistently urging your clients to work on their morning routines. You ask them how more can be achieved by creating more space for themselves, how early mornings can help them in achieving their goals and what extra they can do with extra space that they create for themselves. However, in the process you as a coach miss on adopting the same to your own life. As a real life coach it becomes important for you to walk your talk. To be the one that you want others to be. Let you be the change first before you set to see the change in others.

Let’s see how can a life coach create blissful mornings in real sense of the term.


How do you think you can create blissful mornings for yourself? My personal experience suggest that blissful mornings can be created in an instant. It doesn’t need years and years of practice, but just a sense of self-awakening.  Here I would like you to ask a question to yourself, that what do you need more of in life – pleasantness or unpleasantness? Happiness or unhappiness? Peace or Chaos. If you chose the former option in all the above three cases, then its time to check your choices for the actions that you take. Very often we aim for all good things but we actually do the opposite. We want flowers, but what we nourish are thorns. That’s the irony you see. Check out what you wish for yourself and what you actually do? To initiate this, I would suggest you to observe the first thought that you have in the morning, whenyou get up. Write them on a piece of paper. Second, observe the thoughts that you have before you go to sleep.  Now, take your attention to your actions during the day. What did you observe?  Did you find most of the repetitive thoughts that you had throughout the day. Something like an utter chatter in your mind. Were you thinking and doing same things over and over again?

Break the Pattern:

As rightly put by Abbert Einstein, We cannot solve the problems with the same level of thinking that created them” aptly suggests us to break our monotonous thinking pattern. Check for yourself, are you serving as the slave of your thoughts. Is it that your mind instructs you to do something that you instinctively do, or do you you use your mind to become a better version of yourself? Do you lead your mind or does your mind leads you. Have you become a compulsive thinker? Do you hear that constant noise in your head that keeps saying that you are not enough. That there is so much more to do and so less to achieve. The expenses are increasing but my income is not increasing. That I have so many responsibilities but not enough resources to work. Is it something that you deal with constantly? If yes, it’s time to break that pattern. Thoughts are just your tools to achive what you want to achieve. And you just admitted that you need more of pleasantness, happiness and peace. If this is what you want more of, then why have nagging thoughts of having so less of?

Place positive thoughts:

How about placing all positive thoughts and replacing them with any negative thoughts. Say to yourself, I’am enough. I have more than enough. I have all that I need.That I’am being cared and protected for. Now feel the power of these positive thoughts. Feel that you are enough. You have more that enough. You have all goodness around you. You can achieve anything that you want. Let the smile sweep on your face. Check for everything that is good and positive in life.

Gratitude Journal:

Before you let yourself go from these thoughts, why don’t you quickly write few positive thoughts in your journal. Let’s make a journal right now and tag it as a gratitude journal. Think of all the good things that you are blessed with. To start with, check with your breaths. Take few deep breaths. Put all your attention on your breaths. Feel the aliveness. You are yet alive. You can breath, see, hear, walk, eat, smell, feel.. isin’t that a wow feeling. Now, check for people who are near and dear to you. Your partner, your family, children, friends… check for all the people who are alive. How does their presence make you feel. Imagine your life without them. So , now is the time to thank them. Thank them for being there in your life, for all that they have done for you and for the fact that they are always there for you. Like this there are innumerable things in your life that you can be thankful for. Your home, food, air, water, sunlight, oxygen, nature, beauty, etc, There is so much to thank for. Acknoeldge them and put them together in your gratitude journal. Keep adding few gifts of life, everyday. Trust me, the quality of your life would drastically improve.

When you become a life coach, you do not just add to your identity to be called as Coach, but you also make a definate choice to work on the quality of your life. When you decide to attend a life coaching workshop, it’s your decision to make your life truly transformational. To begin your journey as a life coach, start with making your mornings blissful. Tomorrow, when you get up in the morning, put all your attention to your breaths. Take a deep breath. Be there. Let your thoughts come and go. Do not cling to them. Be a silent observer to your thoughts.Now have a broad smile on your face, thank the cosmos for all that you have been gifted with, including the morning and a great day to look ahead. Give few minutes to yourself. Now get set for a long walk/ hit the gym / practice yoga/go for jogging, whatever keeps your body fit. Next when you come back, have a healthy fruity fresh breakfast and get ready for work. How does this morning schedule works for you as a coach? I’m sure it will give you some great benefits.

To know more… feel more and do more, come a join us for a life coaching workshop that is truly going to transform your life and the way you see things in life.

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