Become a Credentialed Coach

PCC – Professional Co-Creative Coach

About the Program

Our Professional Co-Creative Coach Training will get you started, whether you are a leader in an organisation looking to gain professionally from established strategies, or an individual looking for a future in personal or corporate coaching. Our training program includes both theoretical knowledge and practice based learning that’ll give you a unique blend of putting your coaching into immediate practice. Based on solution focused approach, you’ll discover how to help others in realizing their true potential. You’ll help your clients to align their actions with their vision. They’ll gain deep awareness that what underlies all great transformations. Your coaching competencies will help you to apply your coaching methodologies at multiple levels. Your training will include more than 150 hours of coach specific training.

Everything that you learn in your Professional Co-Creative Coach Training Program will help you to take a step forward towards your passion of being one of the excellent coaches of the world. This course is designed in such a way that helps both new and existing coaches who wish to increase their confidence and competencies towards their being as a professional coach both in their professional and personal lives.

This program will provide you with 150+ hours of coach specific training along with 10 hours of Mentor Coaching and 11 observed coaching sessions for PCC portfolio application.

Program Vision and Goals

Transforms you as an individual. The course not only provides you with an ICF Credential but also instils in you a proactive and optimistic outlook which helps you make the best of every situation!

It’s not that people are searching for coaches to make a difference in their lives… but if you can raise their curiosity and help them to explore themselves, you are adding value and simply getting closer to signing your client!

We believe that you learn best to coach when you learn at your own natural pace.. Coaching is a unique journey that needs time, reflection and flexibility to be able to absorb, apply, implement and master, hence we believe the organic development is the best way to become more proficient in coaching as skill. But then you may already be coaching for many years and now would like to work on your credentials and therefore prefer a quick pack to learn and work it out. We respect your choices and being. Here, you’ll have the options to select your learning mode, f2f, online or blended. Choose the one that fits your needs the best. 

You get transformed, the shift first happens in you, before you start to create it in others


  • Enables you to develop the right attitude and skills that would help you place yourself in the market.
  • Enhances your credibility factor which in turn ensures client-satisfaction.
  • Places you in an ever-expanding network of coaching professionals wherein you learn from your experience and that of others.
  • Our effective curriculum is designed to prepare and support you through the entire ICF certification process.
  • Effective and Focused application of multiple concepts to coaching
  • Learn core coaching skills and inculcate it into your professional practices.
  • Gain the confidence to deliver coaching services in diverse situations.
  • Boost listening and questioning skills.
  • Discover your personal leadership style.

Professional Co-Creative Coach

Training ModeDurationSynchronous HoursAsynchronous Hours(Peer Coaching & Self Study)Mentor Coaching HoursObserved Coaching Practice Coaching 
Face to Face12 days96 Hours 24 Hours10IncludesIncludes
Online12 Months96 Hours (2 hrs session every week * 48 weeks) 24 Hours10IncludesIncludes
Blended6 Months6 Days f2f training (8 hrs * 3days) + 2 hrs session every week * 24 weeks) 24 Hours10IncludesIncludes

Modules Covered

Foundation to Coaching

ICF Coaching Competencies

The Transformational Coach

Team Development Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Coaching Assignments

Self – Awareness Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

What all will I learn?

  • Be familiar with and comfortable with basic coaching skills and methods that enable you to serve as a coach.
  • Develop an understanding of the evidence-based theories, philosophies, and models on which the profession of coaching is based.
  • Understand and apply the ethical standards of the profession of coaching in your work with clients.
  • Be able to use basic methods and strategies for personal coaching and for corporate/business coaching.
  • Be able to discern clients with whom you most want to work (ideal client), determine which clients are and are not “coachable”, and understand when to refer.
  • Be able to design your coaching business distinct from your counselling or therapy practice and the ethical issues which must be considered.
  • Identify the transferable skills that form your background and what non-transferable skills, methods, habits, and orientations you need to leave behind.
  • Develop a familiarity with the assessment tools used in coaching and how to use them to enhance your clients’ self-growth, strengths, problem solving abilities, and awareness.
  • Have identified potential specialties and coaching niches.
  • Identify the aspects of the creative process and the specific elements which are useful in supporting effective creative solution finding and planning for your clients.
  • Assist your clients to deepen their commitment and heighten their level of motivation for a project with relevant visualization tools. 
  • Support your clients in creating an effective strategic plan towards achieving their goals and how they relate with the bigger goals of their life.
  • Identify the major inner obstacles towards their effective goal completion and how they plan to go about it.
  • Assist your clients to overcome inner obstacles and find solutions with a visualization process.
  • Identify ways to develop your coaching business and how coaching supports corporate and personal goals and challenges. 
  • Describe how the pursuit of mastery of any skill-set is valuable in the coaching context. 
  • Assist your clients to increase their willingness and commitment to their chosen long-term skill- set development.