When was the last time you asked yourself that ‘Why are you doing, what you are doing? Why are you doing this way and not the other way? Where are you exactly heading? When did you last question your status-quo existence and decided to create the Future, Manage the present and selectively forget the Past? When did you finally realize that it is ‘I’ who has to initiate the change and ‘We’ to share the credit?

Leadership can be hard to define and it means different things to different people. We all carry a self-protecting framework of beliefs and limitations that keep us disconnected from our fundamental purpose, innate strengths, and gifts. Organizationally, we need level-5 leaders to make the organization’s progress from Good to Great companies. Nevertheless it is not about successful companies, it is all about successful leadership, which is next co-related to creating successful teams. We at COCOWEAVE understand this and therefore progressively work towards it. Our two day Leadership Development Coach Training Program is designed on the unique proposition of leaders first being aware of themselves and then taking the best out of them and investing in the long term progress of the organization… In the process, transitioning from Transactional to Transformational Leaders! Our program is designed to break the participants free from the barriers of their self-imposed limits and reconnect deeply to their most alive and authentic self. We would work together in exploring and working towards Executive Mindset.



Learning Content


One major dimension that needs to be examined in respect of Leadership Training is capacity building, which primarily requires looking beyond an individual perspective and considering various measures on a system-wide basis. Competency being a function of the combination of knowledge and skills possessed by a person and how well he/she applies in the work place forms the heart of capacity building function of an organization. This success measure of capacity building can act as a hinge in the future of organization’s growth.

The objective of our leadership training’s is to identify the individual skill gaps and meet the diverse training requirements of today’s dynamic, engaged and committed leaders. We offer one day, three days and seven days workshop on Leadership Development Skills, depending on the organization’s needs. Our two days Advance Leadership Training program is aimed at maximizing the competitive advantage of those identified leaders who are actively engaged in the growth and development of the organization.





DAY- 1


Value Based Leadership


“Self-Awareness is the Cornerstone of Leadership”


  • Identifying your Leadership Styles
  • Discovering Oneself and Values
  • Understanding your deep intent
  • Reframing Perspectives through Effective Communication
  • Doing Delegation Right
  • Developing deep Listening Skills
  • Feedback and Feed forward


DAY- 2


Team Based Leadership


“Credibility is the Foundation of Leadership”


  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • How to be an emotionally intelligent leader
  • Knowing your Emotional Strength
  • How to build teams in an organization
  • Identify between Task Functions and Support Functions
  • Identify the team stages and which leadership style to work with


DAY- 3


Organizational Development Leadership


“Leadership is the capacity to translate Vision to Reality”


  • Problem Solving in Action
  • Creating an Ownership Of Responsibility Culture in an Organization
  • What are the lies that we make as a Leader
  • Building blocks of Accountability
  • Creating an Accountable Organization
  • Progressing from Good to Great Company



What can this Training Program Do For You?


  • Develop your leadership competencies
  • Become more impactful with your teams
  • Unlock a previously hidden inner power within you
  • Move you more quickly to senior roles
  • Demonstrate your application of concepts learned in the program by analyzing case studies and presenting real-life solutions to scenarios.
  • Work collaboratively with peers to solve problems and present findings.
  • Demonstrate accountability in personal and workplace situations and foster accountability in team members.
  • Identify how to use self-discipline to remain centered and calm, when faced with chaos and ambiguity.
  • Provides you return on investment through talent retention.
  • Discover how feedback and feed forward can be empowering



What can this Training Program Do For The Organization?


  • Improved management and leadership
  • Build more creativity, empowerment and ownership unlocked in the business
  • Create effective implementation of organizational change through supporting teams and individuals
  • Greater commitment from recipients of the training and coaching
  • Higher retention of key people who feel valued.





  • CEOs , CXOs, CLOs.
  • General Mangers, Chief General Managers, DGM’s and AGM’s
  • Gen-next leadership, Divisional Heads, Senior Managers.
  • Mid level Managers.
  • Non-supervisory personnel wishing to learn more about supervisory duties and responsibilities to enhance their career prospects.
  • Experienced leaders and supervisors who are interested in updating their leadership skills and practices appropriate to the demands of today’s workplace.



Engagement Post Workshop

Post workshop, you would be facilitated with  ‘one to one’ of 20 – 40 minutes of coaching sessions with credentials, coaches, trainers or mentors for the next 3 months. This is also to ensure that you can comfortably put your learning to practice



Customized Training Options


In case the number of participants to be nominated is more than twelve, we can customize the Training’s based on your specific requirements. 



Our Learning Theory

We at COCOWEAVE acknowledge the fact that it is not just about training and imparting. We incorporate triple A, i.e. A-A-A model of learning as a part of coach training wherein our participants will be sensitized to the art of being Aware-Action-Anchor from being unconsciously incompetent to being unconsciously competent.


We at COCOWEAVE, well appreciate the concept of being Glocal, wherein we work globally, yet think locally. We also understand that many of our client’s participants are geographically dispersed, wherein face to face training may not always be the requisite solution, that too in the current scenario of inculcating a learning culture in an organization. In order to meet the dispersed yet inevitable training, mentoring and coaching needs of the organization, we shall work closely in providing web-based, highly superior and cost effective learning solutions to progressive organization, like yours!

Our online training intervention is not only a “corporate” solution to meet your organization’s training needs but is also an excellent means to create a ‘learning culture’ in your organization. The online collaborative environment shall allow your employees to connect with groups of all sizes to conduct meetingsclasses/training sessions, events and remote support sessions over the web.


What’s included?


  • Interactive experiential learning experience
  • Instruction by an expert facilitator and Certified Coach
  • Unique 3-A Model of Learning
  • Small, interactive classes
  • Transformational Learning opportunity
  • Personalized, Pragmatic Training
  • Questionnaires
  • Specialized manual and course materials
  • 101 Coaching Sessions for interested participants
  • Personalized certificate of completion



Special Features


  • Experiential Learning
  • Real World Examples
  • Blended Learning
  • Feedback-Intensive Interactive Activities-Role Plays, Case Studies and Scenarios
  • Peer Support Learning
  • Best Practices Identification



Training Andragogy

Our trainings are based on adult learning and are truly experiential. Our trainers are highly experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about their work. Our faculty includes Coaches, Trainers and Industry Stalwarts with years of experience and strong domain knowledge in respective fields.

No wonder at the end of the training sessions, participants are highly enthused and have a clear plan of action to put their learning’s to practice. Our training pedagogy is based on the journey, “From Information to Wisdom”, we therefore include host of learning activities, which are inclusive but not limited to:


  • Icebreakers
  • Energizer
  • Games
  • Simulations
  • Brain Teasers
  • Role Plays
  • Case studies
  • Quiz Competitions
  • Group Discussions
  • Syndicated Presentations
  • Cultural Activities

Training time includes 50% spent on interactive discussion of concepts and training applications relating to core human competencies through presentation, question and answers, discussion on books & videos, coaching role-plays relating to live issues, and discussion of cases.

We also work on observed/mentored coaching in dyads/triads/fishbowl formats for the remainder of the training time.

Some of the Training sessions can also be conducted via live tele class mode to familiarize participants with telephonic/audio coaching. Within a few days after the classroom training at least 2-hours are conducted via live tele class.



Program Details


Training DatesRefer Calendar
Training Days3 Days: Wednesday – Thursday – Friday
Time10:00 am – 5:00 pm
VenueCOCOWEAVE-The Work Café;
11 Hargobind Enclave,
Near Karkardooma Metro Station,
Opp. Metro Pillar No. 118, Delhi-92
Program FeeCall Us
No. of Pax12 Min.
Includes:Training Workbook, Certificate,
Lunch,  AM-PM Tea/ Coffee
3 Months Post Training Support,
101 Coaching Sessions, Real Business Issues,
People Development



What Makes Us Unique?


  • Techniques that you can put to practice immediately after attending training
  • Training through Certified Coaches, Trainers and Facilitators of high repute.
  • Post Training Support for minimum 3 months
  • One to One Coaching Sessions for Pax’s
  • 20 years of Corporate Training, Executive Coaching and Mentoring Experience of Facilitators
  • Unique 3-A Model of Learning and PURPOSE model of coaching.
  • Specialized Manuals and Training Material
  • Pre and Post Training Assessments
  • Trained 30,000 + Pax’s from varied industries on different aspects of performance enhancement.
  • Video Recording of selected Participant’s Event
  • Experiential Learning
  • Certificate of Completion

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