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Foundations of Coaching

Honey Gudh

Course Overview

Begin your coaching journey with our Foundations to Coach Training Program that will help you to identify ICF Competencies, Credentialing and Competency Mapping at different levels of being an ACC, PCC or MCC credentialed coach. You will not only learn more about coaching theories, models and perspectives but will also be able to analyse more about coaching, process, structure, niches and modes of coaching. We will also discuss in length about coaching agreements and ethics. This would help you design your coaching contracts and sessions.

Course Features

  • Lessons 5
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 10 week weeks
  • Language English
  • Students 149
  • Assessments Self
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Course Curriculum

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    • ICF Competencies, Credentialing and Competency Mapping
    • Coaching Theories, Models and Learning From Masters
    • Coaching Process, Niches Delivery and Contracts
    • Barriers To Coaching
    • Coaching Principles and Beliefs

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