General Program Vision and Goals

The primary objective of our training program is to help the participants to live to their fullest potential by making a perceptive shift in their thinking. Life has much more to offer that is beyond the limitations of our mind. When our participants put their pieces together they believe in their power of wholesomeness and they get inspired to bring such positive changes first in their own lives and then in the life of others that they connect with. We believe in the power of coaching and want to contribute towards creating more coaches. The world today needs more coaches…

List of Classes/Modules/Parts

60 Classes,  6 Modules and 3 parts to coaching

Number of Student Contact Hours Included In The Program

154 Hours 

Learning Goals

Adding perspectives to thinking
Transforming the way we perceive and behave
Creating a space for Self- Awareness
Helping participants to achieve their goals
Develop futuristic leadership style
Defining and believing in the power of coaching
Identifying and adhering the process of being awake to ‘aware’
Help participants to set goals for themselves and achieve the same in much shorter time
Increase Self-Confidence
Manage work life balance
Develop the power of effective listening and powerful questioning
Helping people to live to their fullest potential
Spread more happiness and peace in world
Help in personal self development

Coaching Philosophy – Model – Approach

Our coaching philosophy is based on helping people to progress when they get  struck in life to be in a state of an evolved being.

Coaching Model: PURPOSE

Coaching Approach: 3 E Approach

Listing of Lead Instructors

Honey Gudh, PCC-ICF

Dates and locations of when and where the program is to be delivered

Location: 11, Hargobind Enclave, Delhi-92

Training Calendar

BatchDatesScheduleBatch Timings
July4th OnwardsSaturday11am – 12:30 pm
Aug’206th OnwardsThursday2 pm – 4 pm
Sep’202nd OnwardsTuesday7 pm – 8:30 pm
Oct’203rd OnwardsSaturday11am – 12:30 pm
Nov’205th OnwardsThursday2 pm – 4 pm
Dec’201st OnwardsTuesday7 pm – 8:30 pm
January’212nd OnwardsSaturday11am – 12:30 pm
Feb’214th OnwardsThursday2 pm – 4 pm
Mar’212nd OnwardsTuesday7 pm – 8:30 pm
Apl’213rd OnwardsSaturday11am – 12:30 pm
May’216th OnwardsThursday2 pm – 4 pm
June’213rd OnwardsTuesday7 pm – 8:30 pm

Language(s) that are used in Program Delivery


Intended Participants

HR Heads
Senior Managers
L&D Professionals
Teams and Work Groups
High Potential Individuals
New Leaders
Small Business Owners
New Hires
Anyone who is interested to become a life coach

Requirements Students Must Meet To Enter The Program

ACC: Graduation and/ or 5 years of life experience

PCC: Graduation and/or 10 years of life experience