Our accelerated co-creative coach training program is best meant for people who plan to enhance their professional career and personal life to the next level. This program will prepare you for ICF PCC credentials through ACSTH route. You will prepare yourself as a Global Coach through our extensive practice coaching sessions, peer coaching, mentor coaching, your unique coaching model and a training experience of a life time. You will learn how to set up your coaching business or be an in house coach leader. Our promise is that you will get more than a certification. You will have a life time of support, motivation, confidence and credentials you need to add value, meaning and positive perspectives to your life.

At Master Level, you have graduated from learing the foundations of coaching and also well versed with the ICF based coaching competencies. Therefore, when you step in at Masters Level Coach Trainig Program,  you are expected to Create Positive Changes and Achieve Extraordinary Results that you always wanted!! Once aware of the core coaching competencies, you now understand the essence and pulse of coaching. You are now all set to put your competencies into practice. And what better than to start with your own organization. Here you know and have been interacting with your peers, superiors and team members who have to do the task assigned. You have been facing challenges in different aspects and with different people. Your first day of coaching workshop has given you some deeper insights about coaching competencies and you would now get a chance to apply the same in real world. During your second day of training through Coaching Organizations, you will gain the experience and confidence of coaching within your organization. 

What More Do I Learn at Master Level Training Program

For many, coaching is a life-changing experience that dramatically improves their perception about work and life while improving their leadership skills. Life Coaching helps people tap into their potential, unlocking sources of creativity and productivity. Coaching happens when the coach and client commune in consciousness, beyond communication. Coaching works when it transcends into a flow of energy, something that is beyond words, something that turns mindless. As a Leadership Coach, you can amazingly contribute towards organizations growth and prosperity both as an internal coach or an external coach.

At Cocoweave Coachings, we see coaching as a creative process based on energetic interaction between the coach and the client, supported by trust, respect and equality. Coaching needs to be more than client-centered and client congruent. It’s more real and helps the client to move forward. Here, awareness plays a central role in a coaching process. And yes, awareness occurs at various levels: physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. Deepest awareness, however, occurs, beyond these at an energy level, where emotions, thoughts and sense perceptions disengage. Witnessing without judgment occurs. We call this state a mindless state. We can also use mindfull state but that creates an impression of mind being full. Our idea is create a presence and awareness that is light and free of burden.True coaching, is all about this and as a result transformation, happens at this level. As an awareness coach, our graduates generally share their own and their client’s transformational experiences in their coaching journey.

As an NLP Practitioner, you will be guiding individuals on a life chnging journey of learning, change, self-discovery and personal enlightenment. The primary objective of this training program is help the participants graduate to the next level of being a neuro linguistic programming by putting their NLP learning’s into coaching practices. You will learn the practical aspects of NLP principles and processes that you can use not only with your clients, but also in your personl life, career and relationship, right away. This progrma will also help you to sharpen your intuition, level of self-awareness, self-discipline and self-effectiveness. You will precisely learn how to  break self-limiting beliefs so that you can live more empowered and autonomous lives. You will learn how to get rid of old bad habits and unwanted feelings and develop new and more effective ways of thinking, acting and behaving in your everyday life. No wonder, as an NLP practitioner, you will master the Art and Science of Excellence as a powerful approach to communicate and develop extra ordinary relationships.  

Coaches are trained in exploring the mindset of the client to create awareness about blind spots and barriers helping the client to develop insights to overcome these for action. Individuals who partner with our master level coaches have reported several benefits, including improved:

Effective Communication Skills
Increased Self Esteem/ Self-Confidence
Increased Productivity
Optimized Individual and Team Performance
Deeper Self-Awareness 
Calling out the Client’s Power 
Group Awareness 
Group Wisdom 
Real-World Coach Training
Oral and Written Assessments

Our client interaction occurs via a blend of face-to-face and online interactive sessions making us accessible anywhere and at anytime. This flexibility is supported by physical locations and technology. We establish collaborative partnerships with like-minded professionals who will use coaching as a primary Organization’s Development tool to develop corporate leadership cultures, which further create sustainable company growth. Cocoweave Coaching’s principal team will select, train and nurture partner’s assets to fulfill its mission and develop high potential, high performance corporate leaders.

All information, including coaching competencies, are addressed from the very beginning, and observed mentored coaching starts with an aim to achieve mastery from the beginning itself. The program goal is a mastery of coaching competencies along with self-discovery and ability to apply them in real life. All learners have access to an online learning material, multiple reading and video resources, and live weekly sessions.

The training andragogy, shall be a combination of knowledge sharing sessions, discussions, reflection, application and action, learning both inside and outside the classroom. Interactions will occur in pairs, trios and larger groups using role-play, games and discussions. Typically, a major concept would be addressed for at least 30 minutes to be internalized.

Although this program is open to anyone with an interest in the coaching process, with or without previous professional training, yet individulas with higher maturity and experience will be in a position to comprehend and relate more with the concepts, competencies and its application.The program focus is on leadership development of institutional professionals and executives with at least 10 years of experience. Life coaching competencies are also taught at all levels. 

All Cocoweave’s coaching trainers have senior corporate leadership experience, a minimum ICF PCC credential, and continued executive leadership coaching experience

125+ Hours of Coach Specific Training Hours
ICF based coaching competencies
Online Classes are interactive, discussion and practice based
Classes are at convenience of your home
In depth Courses on Coaching, Leadership, Awareness, EI, NLP, Coaching Models, Monetization and Assignments
Regular wekly classes with industry credentialed coaches, mentors and facilitators
Tentative Duration: 6.5 Months
Recorded classes for future reference
Exclusively designed Practice Coaching Sessions
10 Mentor Coaching Sessions
Peer Coaching Sessions
Training Material, Slides and Manuscripts for life long access
Home assignments
Access to E-Library
Coaching tool kit for enrolling clients
Life long membership of online coaching community
Training based on ICF Competencies
Extremely affordable training fee
Your first step towards a PCC Certification

Check if you resonate with this? If Yes, our ‘The Accelerated Co Creative Life Coach Training Program’ is exactly what you need

I want to play big in life
I want to monetize my coaching business
I know this is the industry for me
I’m committed to make the deeper investment of life that it needs
I want to learn the proven methods of coaching that works
I know I can make massive difference as a coach
I want to learn the exact tools that work in the business
International recognition is important to me
I see myself running training programs and workshops
I want to transition to a life that I truly want to live