Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training Program

Why Public Speaker?

Does the idea of being an effective speaker attract you? Would you like to be a speaker whom people wish to listen, one more time? Do you imagine yourself as someone who when speaks can bring remarkable change to people’s life? If you answer yes to all or most of the questions, its time to accept that you would like to become a Speaker! 

The Art & Science of Public Speaking

A slight glimpse at the history and we can realize that great speakers have literally changed the world. Dr. Martin Luther King did it. So did Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. It is Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s reading of the Woman’s Bill of Rights that began the movement that eventually gave women the right to vote. It was President John F. Kennedy’s speech that one day man would stand on the moon that had made people believe what had once been considered impossible. Business leaders such as Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, are today known almost as much for their powerful speeches as they are for their management skills.

Our course is designed to help you move from the beginning till the end how to become an effective and a most sought after speaker in the world.  No matter what your background is, this course will guide you with the information you need to become a speaker who can make a difference. 

Can I Become A Speaker?

Let’s answer this question by asking ourselves few upfront questions: Does the idea of being an effective speaker attracts you? Would you like to be a speaker who people love to listen, more and more? Do you imagine yourself as someone who when speaks can bring remarkable change to people’s life? If you answer yes to all or most of the questions, its time to accept that you would like to become a Speaker!

Now, the next question that is hitting your mind is, ‘ DO I have what it makes it to become a speaker?’ To this let me ask:

Have you ever:

  • Made a class presentation?
  • Made a small speech or sung a song in school/college?
  • Gave presentation to your juniors
  • Trained a group of new staff members?
  • Given a toast at a wedding reception?
  • Done a reading at your religious place or house of worship?
  • Spoken at a meeting of your society, school, college or corporate?

If you have ever experienced with these or similar types of public speaking scenarios, you have already taken the first step towards a career in this field.

Rest we will help you to carve your skills to become the most sought after speaker in the world. What’s more, this course will help you get paid for what you have been doing for free.

Why choose Public Speaking as a Career?

Choosing public speaking as a career is not just a matter of choice but also of passion. Only, if you are passionate about speaking, that can be your obvious choice. Along with your ability and passion, there are also some straight forward factors that can prompt you to choose public speaking as a carrer choice today. Few of the many benefits of a speaking career include:

No Minimum Experience Is Necessary 

The business of speaking is such that almost anyone can enter. There is no special or specific education, qualification, experience, or connections that are needed to get started and to succeed. This course we will show you how to get experience, and explain how to make those important career connections.

Can be Started at a Zero Cost

Unlike other occupations that can cost thousands of dollars to enter, you can become a speaker no matter what your current financial situation. You can simply start your career as a speaker, with practically zero investment.

Has High Income Potential

The best part about being a Speaker is, that although you can start your career with no experience and investment, yet you have the potential to earn beyond your imagination. Successful established speakers earn up to $10,000 or more for a single keynote (20-60 minute) speech. A talented beginner can earn as much as $1,000 per speech.

Is a Booming Industry 

The speaking business is at least a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Although speaking jobs are rarely advertised, there are plenty of opportunities for newcomers and seasoned speakers.

Opportunity to Make a Difference

Speakers can inspire, motivate, and uplift. They can help businesses and individuals to achieve greater success. They become the role models for millions of people and can remarkably make a difference to their lives, forever.

Self Satisfaction

As a speaker you are the center of attention during your presentation, and you may receive gifts and applauds as a “part of the job.” However, the inherent benefit is the excitement and the kickstart that you get by being a Speaker, is simply inexplicable. This adds meaning to your life which gives a great sense of self-satisfaction.

Opportunity to Meet New People 

We are attracted to people, who make a an impression on us and speakers are no exception to this rule. We are attracted to speakers who influence our lives in one or the other way As a speaker, you may meet interesting people you would not otherwise meet in your lifetime. These people come from varied backgrounds and may teach you many valuable lessons of life too.

Opportunity to Travel 

Speakers have tremendous opportunities to travel, far and wide. While some speakers may prefer to remain in their home community, others have the opportunity to travel around the country or around the world.

Freedom  and Flexibility

As a speaker, you are your own boss. You no longer are a part of the nine-to-five grind. You can have a steady work through a seminar or a training company, and also can take time off when you want to. If you choose to become a self-employed speaker working for a variety of organizations, you can speak on the topics that interest you, and turn down the work you don’t want. You also have the choice to work from home when you are not speaking. You therefore have complete freedom and flexibility.

Therefore, being a Speaker comes with innumerable benefits that makes this as career, hard to resist.

Learning Contents

Module 1: Introduction to Public Speaking

  • Role of a Speaker
  • Speaking Competencies
  • Adressing large audiences
  • Types of Speeches and Speaking Ocassions
  • Tips and tools to control public speaking anxiety
  • Module Summary
  • Mock Presentation & Assessment

Module 2: Effective Speaking Skills

  • Public Speaking as a Communication Process
  • How to use your voice effectively: Diction, Intonation, Modulation and Pacing
  • How to host a show as a Speaker
  • Body Language of a Speaker
  • Challenges Faced by a Public Speaker
  • Module Summary
  • Mock Presentatuon & Assessment

Module 3:  Effective Listening Skills

  • The Value of Listening
  • Barriers to effective listening
  • Strategies to enhance listening
  • Keeping Participants Awake
  • How to keep the audience interested and engaged
  • Module Summary
  • Mock Presentation & Assesments

Module 4: Effective Writing Skills

  • How to write effective, impressive speeches
  • Tailoring Content to Audience Needs
  • Critical Thinking and Reasoning
  • How to create effective Visual aids
  • Creating a Business Model & Marketing Support
  • Module Summary
  • Mock Presentation & Assessment

Module 5: Effective Training Skills

  • How to develop Systematic Approach to Training
  • Designing of Training
  • Conducting TNA, writing Objectives
  • How to handle difficult participants and situations
  • Pre and Post Training Evaluations
  • Module Summary
  • Mock Presentatuon & Assessment

Module 6: The Deliverables

  • How to start and close a presentation
  • How to deliever an unfogettable presentation
  • Handling Question and Answer Session
  • Interview Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Summary
  • Mock Presentation & Final Assessment

Public Speaking for Corporates

So you are a working professional and want to learn some real techniques to become an effective public speaker that too in a short duration? Well, our ‘Public Speaking For Corporates’ course is ideally designed for working individuals who would like to enhance their public speaking and presentation skills and take it forward from there. For those who are passionate to become motivational speakers, key note speakers, public speakers or corporate presenters, this course becomes an essential choice. It also suits those who are under constant pressure to give presentations, speeches, conduct workshops or deliever training sessions. It helps you to remove the fear that has been holding you back from achieving that you have always wanted to achieve. Now is the time to make your fear, anxiety, stress take a back seat and your passion, skills and hard work shine. During the entire course we will make train you and provide you will essential tools, tips, techniques and practical exposure that helps you to become the most sought after trainer.

  • How to write effective, impressive speeches
  • How to make corporate presentations
  • How to deliever an unfogettable presentation
  • Self Presentation & Grooming Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Summary
  • Mock Presentation & Assessment

Who Should Attend this Program?

  • Passionate Speakers who would like to share their life experiences with others
  • People who want to help others and influence their life in a positive way
  • People who are involved in a role that involves adressing larger audiences
  • People whose job requires them to make formal presentations or speaking at conferences on a regular basis
  • Those, who are responsible for leading small or large meetings in your organization
  • Students who would like to enhance their confidence, public speaking and Interview skills
  • Anyone who would like to improve their public speaking and presentation skills.

Who Hires Speakers?

Think of any organization, body, institution that does not need a speaker? Probably not even a single! Reason being, speakers have always been in great demand. Today Speakers are hired by companies, conference organizers, associations, statutory bodies and other groups to speak at conventions, seminars, lectures, workshops, meetings, dinners, and other events. You would learn more about it in our course, as to who hires speakers, how can you contact them? How would it help? And many such questions that are already there or popping in your mind at this point of time. 

Usually, a speaker is hired by an organization to do a single presentation or as a key not speaker, which may range in length from 20 minutes to one or more days. (Excellent speakers are generally invited back for future presentations.) For those who prefer to have the security of a regular paycheck, there is also the opportunity to earn a steady part-time or full-time income as a “trainer” for a seminar or a training company. Details about what a speaker does, rates of pay, and potential employers are included throughout the course.