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ACC – Associate Co-Creative Coach

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Should I become a Life Coach?

Being a life coach is an amazing and an extremely rewarding career, but primarily meant for those who are keen to help others achieve their goals. We therefore suggest you to take this assessment only if you are passionate to transform yourself and help others to achieve their goals. If you feel you are ready, go ahead and answer these questions on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. This self-assessment quiz will help you to assess if you’ve got the qualities necessary for good life coaching.

I’m a good listener
I’m understanding and non-judgemental in my approach
I’m good at setting goals
I have strong follow through skills
I enjoy working with and helping others
I have strong communication skills
I’m empathetic
I’m curious by nature
People in general seek out for my advice, suggestions  and support
I’m interested to build relationship with clients

Once you make a quick assessment.. give us a call or write to us! Our expert student advisors will help you make the right choice!!

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Who is it for?

  • Executives, Professionals, Trainers, HR-Heads who want to take their current capabilities to the next level and inculcate these skills in their work and life.
  • Entrepreneurs  and those with entrepreneurial mindset who want to branch out in their fields using coaching
  • Managers within an organisation who want to upgrade their current capabilities and create a coaching culture in their organisations.
  • Participants looking for ACC credential with ICF.

How will it help?

Our robust and intensive curriculum is designed to prepare and support you through the entire ICF certification process.

  • You get transformed, the shift first happens in you, before you start to create it in others
  • Instil in you a proactive and optimistic outlook which helps you make the best of every situation!
  • Learn core coaching skills and inculcate it into your professional practices.
  • Gain the confidence to deliver coaching services in diverse situations.
  • Boost listening and questioning skills.
  • Discover your personal leadership style.

Learning Objectives

By the completion of the Associate Co-Creative Coach Training course, students will:

  • Be familiar with and comfortable with basic coaching skills and methods that enable you to serve as a coach.
  • Develop an understanding of the evidence-based theories, philosophies, and models on which the profession of coaching is based.
  • Understand and apply the ethical standards of the profession of coaching in your work with clients.
  • Be able to use basic methods and strategies for personal coaching and for corporate/business coaching.
  • Be able to discern clients with whom you most want to work (ideal client), determine which clients are and are not “coachable”, and understand when to refer.
  • Be able to design your coaching business distinct from your counselling or therapy practice and the ethical issues which must be considered.
  • Identify the transferable skills that form your background and what non-transferable skills, methods, habits, and orientations you need to leave behind.
  • Develop a familiarity with the assessment tools used in coaching and how to use them to enhance your clients’ self-growth, strengths, problem solving abilities, and awareness.
  • Have identified potential specialties and coaching niches.

Coach Training Options 

How can I attend the training? 

We at Cocoweave Coaching International would love to give you more than one option to choose from. Depending on your time availability, preference and convenience of learning you can choose either of the following training modes:

  • Face to Face
  • Online
  • Blended

Program Calendar

August 2020 Batch

Start Date: 29.08.20Start Date: 3.10.20Start Date: 2.1.21Start Date: 30.1.21Start Date: 27.3.21Start Date: 17.4.21
End Date: 26.09.20End Date: 26.12.20End Date: 23.1.21End Date: 20.3.21End Date: 10.4.21End Date: 29.5.21
Day: SaturdayDay: SaturdayDay: SaturdayDay: SaturdayDay: SaturdayDay: Saturday
Hrs.: 10Hrs.: 38Hrs.: 16Hrs.: 24 HrsHrs.: 9Hrs.: 10
Class Duration: 2 HrsTimings: 3 HrsTimings: 4 HrsTimings: 3 HrsTimings: 3 HrsTimings: 1.5 Hrs
Mode: VirtualMode: VirtualMode: VirtualMode: VirtualMode: VirtualMode: Virtual

Associate Co-Creative Coach

Training ModeDurationSynchronous HoursAsynchronous Hours
(Peer Coaching & Self Study)
Mentor Coaching HoursObserved Coaching Practice Coaching 
Face to Face6 days48 Hours12 Hours10IncludesIncludes
Online6 Months48 Hours (2 hrs session every week * 24 weeks)12 Hours10IncludesIncludes
Blended3 Months3 Days F2F training (8 hrs * 3days) + 2 hrs session every week * 12 weeks)12 Hours 10  Includes Includes

Modules Covered

Foundation to Coaching

ICF Coaching Competencies

The Transformational Coach

Team Development Coaching