Soft Skills Training Program for Individuals and Corporates

Transition from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Why Soft Skills Training for Me?

Let’s answer this question by asking ourselves few upfront questions:

  • Would you like to communicate with others in a manner that they feel drawn towards you?
  • Does the idea of being an effective and confident public speaker knocked you many times in the past?
  • Do you feel that there have been many opportunities in the past that you missed just because you lacked not technical competency but because of lack of confidence, communication, presentation or personality or persuasive skills?

If you nod yes to all or most of the questions then, you are not alone!!

Soft Skills are such personalized skills that helps you to make effective communication, build relationships, develop leadership skills, become confident and an expressive speaker in both personal and professional life. It helps you to attract, create, develop and enhance such skills of your personality that helps you to lead a wholesome life.

We at CocoWeave Trainings help you to identify your workable spots and then work in that direction, progressively and positively.

Certified Soft Skills Trainer

This is a unique opportunity for people who have a passion to become Soft Skills Trainer

Today Soft Skills are considered as the most essential skills for greater success in each walk of life and everyone is realizing the need. Research from all over the world has highlighted the importance of Soft Skills.

This inturn has further created a huge demand for Certified Soft Skills Trainers  who can help others to become effective communicators , problem solvers,  decision makers and ofcourse Leaders.

We at CocoWeave offer courses in Soft Skills Training with internationally accerediated Coaches and Trainers who provide personalized support to start, market and grow your independent Soft Skills Training practice.

Why choose Soft Skills Training as a Career?

Choosing soft skills training as a career is not just a matter of choice but also of passion. Only, if you are passionate about training, that can be your obvious choice. Along with your ability and passion, there are also some straight forward factors that can prompt you to choose soft skills training as a carrer choice today. Few of the many benefits of a soft skills training career include:

Can be Started at a Zero Cost

Unlike other occupations that can cost thousands of dollars to enter, you can become a Soft Skills Trainer no matter what your current financial situation. You can simply start your career as a Trainer, with practically zero investment.

Has High Income Potential

The best part about being a Training is, that although you can start your career with no experience and investment, yet you have the potential to earn beyond your imagination. Successful established soft skills trainers earn up to $10,000 or more for a single day. A talented beginner can earn as much as $1,000 per day.

Is a Booming Industry

The training business is at least a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Although training jobs are frequently advertised, there are alsoplenty of opportunities for newcomers and seasoned speakers.

Opportunity to Make a Difference

Trainers, especially soft skills trainer’s can inspire, motivate, and uplift. They can help businesses and individuals to achieve greater success. They become the role models for millions of people and can remarkbly make a difference to their lives, forever.

Self Satisfaction

As a trainer you are the center of attention during your presentation, and you may receive gifts and applauds as a “part of the job.” However, the inherent benefit is the excitement and the kickstart that you get by being a soft skills trainer, is simply inexplicable. This adds meaning to your life which gives a great sense of self-satisfaction.

Opportunity to Meet New People

We are attracted to people, who make a an impression on us and trainers are no exception to this rule. We are attracted to trainers who influence our lives in one or the other way As a trainer, you may meet interesting people you would not otherwise meet in your lifetime. These people come from varied backgrounds and may teach you many valuable lessons of life too.

Opportunity to Travel

Trainers, have tremendous opportunities to travel, far and wide. While some trainers may prefer to remain in their home community, others have the opportunity to travel around the country or around the world. 

Freedom and Flexibility

As a soft skills freelancer trainer, you are your own boss. You no longer are a part of the nine-to-five grind. You can have a steady work through a seminar or a training company, and also can take time off when you want to. You also have the choice to work from home when you are not training. You therefore have complete freedom and flexibility.

Therefore, being a Soft Skills Trainer comes with innumerable benefits that makes this as career, hard to resist.

Certificate Course in Soft Skills Training

The Essential Package (2 Months*)

Module 1: Corporate Communication Skills

Module 2: Customer Service Skills

Module 3: Personality Development

Module 4: Corporate Presentation Skills

The Standard Package (4 Months*)

The Essential Package    +

Module 5: Public Speaking Skills

Module 6: Time Mangement Skills

Module 7: Negotation Skills

Module 8:  Anger Management Skills

The Accelerated Package (6 Months*)

The Essential Package


The Standard Package


Module 9: Leadership Skills

Module 10: Team Building Skills

Module 11: Decision Making Skills

Module 12: Emotional Intelligence Skills

* The Curriculum is designed in a way that includes 50% Classroom Training & 50% Practical Learning

Training The CocoWeave Way…

Our programs are designed to help your team learn new skills quickly and understand how they can apply them. Course curriculum is dynamic, engaging and visually stimulating. Delegates are shown not just how to do things but given the opportunity to put their new skills into practice in interactive exercises. We incorporate video, hands on activities and discussion sessions to constantly stimulate learning.

Cocoweave scours the nation for the most qualified, experienced and knowledgeable trainers. Many of our course leaders have extensive experience working for top level corporations or running their own businesses as well as certifications in business education.

We also require our trainers to participate in ongoing professional development programs in order to remain on the cutting edge of business education.

Our objective is to provide dynamic, interactive learning sessions which are engaging and highly informative. Through the advanced tailoring of accelerated learning principles, our learning results are measurably greater than the very best lecture-style training.

This is exactly why we include 50% of learning through classroom and another 50% through Practical Learning.

Cocoweave delivers accelerated learning for fast results to businesses around globe. We specialise in custom designed training sessions, structuring the curriculum to suit your organisation and align with your business goals.

Who Should Attend this Program?

  • Corporates who would like to nominate their team members to enhance their communication, presentation and other soft skills for enhanced job performance.
  • Working Professionals who would like to launch themselves as Soft Skils Trainer
  • Existing soft skills trainers desiring to strengthen their offering with structured learning on a world class curriculum
  • Students desiring to acquire a qualification in Soft Skills Training for personal growth as well as to venture into the field of training by offering their services to schools, colleges and similar institutions.
  • People whose job requires them to make formal presentations or speaking at conferences on a regular basis.
  • People who want to help others and influence their life in a positive way.

Soft Skills for Corporates

The statistical research of Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Centre elaborates that more than 85% of Job Success depends on having impressive Soft Skills and only 15% comes from hard skills or technical skills.

Soft Skills are the need of the hour in India today and are recognized as most essential skills for greater success in corporate life. An individual who masters the art of practicing effective soft skills, creates higher career success opportunities for himself/herself.  CocoWeave Trainings is a leading brand in the world in terms of Training: Coaching and Mentoring Services for Corporates and Individuals.

A study conducted by Harvard University noted that 80% of achievements in career are determined by soft skills and only 20% by hard skills.